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We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. During your first visit, a dentist will review your dental and medical history. For diagnosis, they will examine your teeth and take X-rays of your mouth. From there, the dentist will explain any issues and help you choose options for treatment. We typically proceed with cleaning at a time that is most convenient for you.

For a shorter time in the waiting room, please fill out the New Patient Form and email it to us before your visit at randahawatmehdmd@gmail.com.

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 dr. Hawatmeh was very knowledgeable in not only explaining where the problem areas are, but how to incorporate preventative measures as well. 

 Anthony P.

 Dr. Hawatmeh is very professional. I am very confident in her skills and knowledge to get my teeth right back on track. Thanks everything went smoothly and not much discomfort. 

 Kurt S.

 Dr. Hawatmeh was wonderful! She is very caring, very knowledgeable and personable. I couldn't ask for a better dentist!!!! 

 Patricia Schoemaker

 I appreciate Dr. Hawatmeh through examinations and honesty about the care that's required for a healthy dental care program 

 Doris D.

 Dr. Hawatmeh is great! she cares about how you feel and makes sure you are comfortable. I would recommend her to everyone! 

 Shonta Robinson

 Dr. Hawatmeh and her team are amazing and always super friendly and fast! She is so thoughtful and quick to get me in if I have an emergency. 

 Katie Schopp

 The team here are amazing and do a great job! Very happy with my teeth whitening procedure! 

 Amanda Johnson

 Dr. Randa Hawatmeh is great and extremely thorough. She is knowledgeable and great at showing and explaining any problems I have. I trust her as my dentist. 

 Michael Ray

 I have been coming here for 3 years and I have never had to wait to be serviced more than 5 minutes. Dr. Hawatmeh is the nicest person and really cares about her patients health, even beyond their oral care. The staff and everyone in her office are very nice and personable. I recommend this practice to everyone!!!! 

 Tennille McClain

 I really agree with what everyone has said so far. Dr. Hawatmeh is a great doctor!!! 

 Richard Myhra

 Dr. Randa Hawatmeh and her team are amazing, their always making things easy and simple. Dr. always have my best interest, she knows I hate pain so she always find a way to help me be more comfortable. She is very quick. I love the whole team!!!! 

 Cristina Perez

 I feel comfortable coming in for my appointments, both Dr. Hawatmeh and her staffs are friendly and through. 

 Stan Kiger

 I originally came to Dr. Hawatmeh for a toothache I was having. She was very knowledge about the tooth that was giving me pain, which I thought was another tooth. she made me very comfortable. I had came back to get a crown. Everyone is so nice in the office. I strongly recommend you to visit the office for your dental health. 

 D'Ann Mcintyre

 Dr. Hawatmeh takes her time to make sure the teeth are at their best 

 Katherine Pavlisin

 The office staff is always friendly and extremely helpful. Dr. Hawatmeh is the most knowledgeable and thorough dentist I have ever seen. I recommend all of my friends and family to switch to Dr. Hawatmeh

 Samirah Day

 I originally came to Dr. Hawatmeh for a toothache I was having. She was very knowledge about the tooth that was giving me pain, which I thought was another tooth. she made me very comfortable. I had came back to get a crown. Everyone is so nice in the office. I strongly recommend you to visit the office for your dental health. 

 D'ann Mcintyre

 I have been a long time patient of Dr. Hawatmeh and have never been disappointed with the care and respect shown to me by her staff or her as a professional. I look forward to my future appointments and knowing that my teeth are the best they can be! 

 Donna Pfeiffer

 Dr, Randa Hawatmeh and the team are amazing. They always make things easy and simple. Dr always has my interest. She knows I hate pain so she always finds a way to help without pain. She is very quick. I love the whole team and family. 

 Cristina Perez-Ocacio


 Dr Hawatmeh has been treating my family for over 10 years, I wouldn't trust anyone else! 


 Dr Hawatmeh cares about her patients. Her office feels like home! 


 After many years of switching dentists, I have finally found Dr Hawatmeh's office. Convenient location in Chesterfield. 


 Dr Hawatmeh saw me at the last minute when I was in great pain from a toothache. Turned out I had a lot more wrong, and gave me the the utmost attention and was flexible in my payments which is what kept me from the dentist for so long. Thank you Dr Randa! 

 Abby Sarah

 Dr Randa has been my dentist for many years, I also see her husband Dr Sam who is my primary care doctor. I can rely on them. 


 I recommend Dr Randa for anyone who is delaying going to a dentist or cannot find the right care elderly patients. I bring my mom here who did not like going to the dentist and she feels comfortable and happy when leaving. 


 I did not want to go to the Dentist because it was so expensive. I had a tooth emergency and finally called Dr Hawatmeh. I am a stubborn man, but when she fixed my tooth and started to fix the others, I continued all my care with her! 


 I went to a doctor and stayed in pain for one whole month. Finally I couldn't take my jaw pain so my mom recommended Dr Hawatmeh, who treated me and made me feel better immediately. I trust her and she gave me relief right away! 


 We at Prosites sincerely appreciate the opportunity to design and host your new website. Your dedication to educating and serving your patients is evident by the excellent information and background your website provides to visitors. We salute your efforts in providing that extra level of communication and service that is so important to patients. 

 Lance V. McCollough
President & CEO
Prosites, Inc.

 I have always been fearful of dentists until now. Wonderful assistance and a really brilliant, patient dentist. What an awesome woman doctor! 


 Dr. Hawatmeh is a great dentist and is very professional. Her staff are the perfect example of professionalism in the work place. I am honored to have her as a dentist! 

 Stancy G

 The doctor and her staff are the best. Dr. Hawatmeh always takes care of you and lets you know what you really need. She always makes sure you understand what is necessary 

 Linda Costello

 The teeth whitening was painless and very easy. My teeth are so much whiter and they look great! 

 Leonard D

 Dr. Hawatmeh takes her time and shows she really cares. I wouldn't go to any other dentist. 


 Cozy office! 


 I did teeth whitening with Dr. Hawatmeh and it changed my life and made me more confident. 


 Staff and Dr. Hawatmeh are outstanding and really care about their patients 


 Dr. Hawatmeh is a wonderful dentist. She takes great care of my teeth. 


 Dr. Hawatmeh has tremendous patience and compassion with my "dental anxiety." Her compassion is surpassed only by her brilliance as a doctor. 


 I am truly happy about what Dr. Hawatmeh has done for my teeth. They were in such bad shape and she fully restored them without an issue. Her patience with me was very appreciated. 


 Both my wife and I really feel that Dr. Hawatmeh has helped us so much. Her attention to detail is greatly appreciated. 


 I am very thankful for Dr. Hawatmeh and her staff. She took me in on a Saturday when I had an emergency and has done a wonderful job on my mouth. Thanks to Tyronica as well for her diligence and kindness. Dr. Hawatmeh is an excellent dentist. It has been a long process but well worth it. 

 Willie Eaglin

 I love my new Snap on Smile! I have never seen myself with straight teeth before. I saw a commercial for this and decided this was something I could afford. I am very happy with the results and I would recommend this to anyone who is on a budget or does not want braces. Thank you so much Dr., I may be back for my bottom ones. I already feel my confidence boosted !:) 

 Crystal Kennedy

 I love my bright smile! I had tea stains and yellowness that are gone now. Great results...Thank you! 

 Barb G.

 I fell off a bike and lost my front tooth on a Saturday. Dr. Hawatmeh came in on Saturday and repaired my tooth. Literally half of it was gone! I was in so much pain and it looked so scary! In just two hours the pain was gone and my tooth looked brand new. 


 It was great. I had root canal before and it was very painful but they did a great job. I think she new what she was doing and she's good. 

 Jim Bae

 Great, caring, helpful, thank you. Very patient; spending a lot of time with me, thank you. Thank you all staff. 

 Larisa Yudelevich

 The process was not painful at all. I experienced some sensitivity but it was all good because my teeth are super white now! And they look great! 

 Maria Perez Magnelli

 Dr. Hawatmeh is the best doctor around, I have been a patient here for 10 years now and I will let her fix anything wrong with my teeth 

 Jordan Dugum

 I have been a friend and patient of Dr. Hawatmeh for many years. She encourages me to keep my teeth in GREAT shape 


 Dr. Hawatmeh is very nice and fast, I didn't have to wait to long and she did a great job. THANKS!!!!! 


 Great experience and great outcome. I highly recommend everyone to see Dr. Hawatmeh . Thank you!!!! 


 Dr. Hawatmeh is very nice and friendly. Thank you!!!! 


 Dr. Hawatmeh is very professional and her work is well done, also her staff are very amazing and do a great job. Thanks!!!